What our Customers say...


I think the SERVPRO team did a great job.

Brie was very good and helpful. I appreciate the prompt service the SERVPRO team provided.

The technicians on site were pleasant, considerate and insightful throughout the entire process. I am satisfied with the work performed. 

"We had a tree fall on our roof and were so relieved to have SERVPRO arrive as quickly as you did."

"SERVPRO was outstanding, thank you so much!"

"SERVPRO did a great job! You were amazing and really led the job. SERVPRO was very quick and efficient!"

"Thanks for everything - the team did a great job, and I really enjoyed their company on top of their good work! Would it be possible to buy a pizza or something for our crew? They certainly deserve it! "

Very fast service... tenant was very pleased.

Brandon, Kyle, and Brie were all helpful and courteous. Everyone that was onsite and when I called the office were very helpful."

Team was great. Area cleaned is great. Team was very nice and professional. Great work.

It was a great experience. Brandon, James, Tashi - they were all so great - polite and knowledgeable.

Keep doing what you're doing cause you do it well. Brandon, Ben and James were very friendly young men and kept us informed throughout the process.

Mr. Andres and his team were so professional, helpful and friendly. They came within an hour. Andres personally explained the step by step process to my parents so as homeowners they knew who to call, what to expect, etc. Can't thank them enough for all of their help !! Perfect example of going above & beyond !!

After a huge storm, I had water in my basement. I called them that evening and they were at my house the next day to begin the drying out process. Every one of their employees were professional & friendly. Quick, great service!


Great job.

Ryan was extremely helpful and personable; we appreciate his manners and careful help!

John and Cain did a great job! Thank you!!!

Couldn't be better!

The SERVPRO staff was polite. on time, assessed the damage quickly, and started promptly. 5 stars. Well done.

SERVPRO was amazing! John and Ben were here right away to address our emergency issues. John sprung into action and got the job going immediately. I can't commend John enough enough for his professionalism and knowledge. I will highly recommend SERVPRO to all my friends and family gladly. Thank you again JOHN for his sincere dedication to SERVPRO and most of all his clients! The experience with John was above and beyond my expectations!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Tina & Denee. They do a great job for us and are always very professional, courteous, and pay attention to details. We appreciate it! Just want to be sure they are recognized. 

Andres, Damian, and Keontae were professional and compassionate in cleaning up our water from a sump pump fail. They made a daunting task look routine with full knowledge of homeowners claims for this situation and that “no worries - we got this.” Highly recommend them!

Words cant describe how well this company did to help take care of my home after a fire made soot all over everything and I mean everything! The workers were very kind and very professional. They knew what they were doing and were very knowledgeable. I had a hard time believing they could make the house not smell like smoke, but I was amazed. If you ever need professional cleaning done I wouldn't hesitate to call them.

Guys have been outstanding. Awesome crew all the way around. Very pleased.

The guys were great, polite, and empathetic. They helped us through the confusion.

Andres & Damian & Jon were fantastic. Very professional and explained what they were doing. Receptionist was great to work with as well.

We were very pleased with the mitigation efforts after our upstairs bath flooded into our kitchen. Staff were professional, friendly, and extremely diligent in completing the work. We will definitely recommend!

The work that was done was outstanding - well done!

SERVPRO Team did a great job! Quick prompt service! Thanks!

I have been so impressed by the team from SERVPRO. Andres, Brandon, and Keontae were knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and fast. Andres, Brandon, and Keontae showed my son everything they were doing (because he was curious and scared), let us know when to expect loud noises, and even took the time to address my little one's millions of questions while somehow managing to complete the job quickly, neatly, and effectively. They left my home neater than when they found it and were completely respectful of our family's Covid practices. I highly recommend this crew. I feel confident in their work and am relieved to have found them. Mitigation went from super stressful to not so bad within 5 minutes of their arrival. Thank you all so much!!

Our experience with SERVPRO was very great and very professional, they did a great job with the clean and where very quick and responsive!!!!

Was very pleased with the job and the personnel were extremely professional and polite!

Very pleased... The staff was prompt, courteous, and very knowledgeable..., they did an awesome job!

Ryan was very professional and knew what he was doing. Cain was very professional and knew his limits to the point he knew when he needed help and reached out to more experienced technicians this impressed me so much that I would hire Cain to take care of any problems.

As always, workers were prompt, polite, and professional.

Everything was great.

When I walked down into my basement and I felt the wet carpet, a really large area was soaked and some had soaked into a wall panel. I called SERVPRO of Southern Lancaster County PA and I received a quick call back (It was 5:50 pm on a Friday). I shut off the water supply to the leaking water heater. They had people out to my house early Saturday morning to remove all water and water damaged materials safely to prevent mold growth. Then with air scrubbers going for a few days the dampness dried up and the odor was gone. Thanks SERVPRO! It was great working with your company.

Staff were friendly and courteous to our needs. Polite and professional.

Very professional and on time! Great service. Would recommend.

I had a wonderful experiences with SERVPRO. From start to finish. I just want to say Thank you for all the help! It looks great! Recommend call them!

Ryan was extremely helpful and personable we appreciated his manners and careful help!

Unfortunately, this was our second time dealing with water damage in our home. But FORTUNATELY, we knew exactly who to call. Can’t recommend SERVPRO enough! Extremely prompt, professional, respectful, and they communicated thoroughly the entire way. They cared for our house and helped start of the restoration process amazingly strong. Don’t hesitate to use. Call them!!

Quick and detail-oriented service!

Quick, quality service. Pleasant employees!

Professional - detailed service on NYE. thank you, SERVPRO!

Thanks again for your prompt response and resolution to our water damage.

Outstanding service - friendly, professional, & knowledgeable.

I appreciate how quick they took care of everything!

All of the on-site staff were professional, helpful, hardworking, and communicated well. I highly recommended everyone who worked on this for us, they did an amazing job.

I'd like to take the time and express my gratitude and being able to work with such fine individuals. the professionalism they give off is of no doubt 5 star. the moment they show up, they explain in full detail of the job there going to be doing, and know that " its going to be okay SERVPRO is here to help" there highly trained and extremely knowledgeable field techs. office personal and management team is by far the best in the entire area.They are the very definition of Premier restoration company and looking forward to seeing them continue to strive for success. THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for all of your help! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable which is necessary at a time of shock and loss.

I think they are spot on!

They're fast, courteous & patient answering questions. You can count on SERVPRO to partner with during a stressful time. I highly recommend them.

Extremely pleased with SERVPRO. After being stood up by another company, I called SERVPRO on a Friday morning to come out to assess water damage in our basement. They came out quickly and got started right away with the tear down of drywall and ripping up the carpet. Jim was very professional and answered all of our questions. He has been fantastic throughout this whole process. The rest of the team was professional as well including Ashley who set up times for the guys to come out to monitor the equipment. I would highly recommend this company. Great professional, friendly service.

I have been working with SERVPRO for a few years now as a Property Manager in the Lancaster area. They do an outstanding job with carpet repairs and cleans as well as cleaning apartments! we've used them on a handful of water emergency's and Jason is always quick to respond. Jason and his team always provide wonderful service and if there is ever an issue it takes one phone call and it's fixed right away. I would highly recommend their services!

2 very nice young men! (Very professional)

I have been working with SERVPRO for a few years now as a Property Manager in the Lancaster area. They do an outstanding job with carpet repairs and cleans as well as cleaning apartments! we've used them on a handful of water emergency's and Jason is always quick to respond. Jason and his team always provide wonderful service and if there is ever an issue it takes one phone call and it's fixed right away. I would highly recommend their services!

I contacted SERVPRO and was greeted asking me how can we be of help to you today. I explained my problem and she said no problem sir we can come right out and help you with you problem and don't worry everything will be taking care of for you by our trained professionals. They were out and accessed the problem within 4 hours after I called them. They brought in their equipment and starting the procedure right away! Extremely knowledgeable people and would recommend this company to anybody. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish!

SERVPRO did an excellent job cleaning the leaked water heater in our laundry room. They came within hrs. of my call, assessed the damage, and began cleanup . They worked efficiently, moved the contents of the room and were friendly, good communicators. 
We were pleased with their service.
I would call them again if needed.

I cannot say enough good things about SERVPRO! I was devastated by all the sewer water in our basement. So frustrating, and the awful smell was overwhelming. I was amazed that they came to my home in less than an hour after my call. They were polite, professional and hard working! Such an amazing relief to know that my our basement is now safe and the risk of infection from the sewer water is now practically non-existent! They were thorough as well as sympathetic! I will tell everyone about their amazing service!

Great company to work with.

All very professional and trustworthy. I would hire this company again and recommend to friends and neighbors.

They were able to answer any questions I had about the job.

SERPRO staff was very helpful and courteous at all levels- both on the phone and in person.

Absolutely pleased with all services. Excellent work. Thank you!

Both men were very professional, articulate, and respectful of my home. Nice work!

Terry and Brenda were terrific! Not only in what they did, but how they did it. I felt very confident having them on our job...and appreciated their effort and diligence over the holiday weekend.

Both young men were super nice and helpful to me! Very great work!

They were extremely helpful and patient with my children asking questions.

I was very reassured by the professionalism and promptness of your team. John is a special asset with his knowledge and calmness. I am so glad he was sent to help!

We thank you for your very speedy and through response to our water situation. I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Your staff was professional, courteous and speedy. We thank you for what you have done for our new home.

The team that you sent to our home was top notch. Not only were they all hard workers in extremely harsh, cold conditions, they were also kind and considerate. They did a great job!

They were very professional. I was very pleased with their level of service.

Special thanks to Chris and Amanda, but also to the other men who worked so hard and so effectively. All was extremely well organized. I found your verbal contacts, one of your best qualities and your follow through, of the best too!

We have only just begun but we are on the right path. We had a toilet overflow and left quite a path of destruction. Brandon and Q were here in a flash and contained our mess and calmed my nerves. These guys are fantastic. Eager to start our rebuild smile emoticon THANK YOU SERVPRO!!!!

Much thanks to the fine crew who came to my house to help with water damage. Everyone was courteous and professional, and willing to answer any questions. Thanks for making a difficult time a little easier.

Had the pleasure of working for them, and couldn't ask for better people. Staff takes care of their employees, are great to work with, and are helpful in every possible way. Great place to work for.

Great company!! Did great job fixing up our basement in time of crisis!! Highly recommend!!

SERVPRO of Lancaster East and Southern Lancaster County did a fantastic job of cleaning out our bathroom after a massive water leak. Sean and his team did a great job while being very polite and respectful. Amanda was extremely nice on the phone and called to check how things were going. I would use them again.